With security related news dominating the headlines, business owners and decision makers are on edge about infrastructure and critical data protection. Hartog Jacobs provides a unique partnership opportunity for our clients to manage their security and compliance needs.

We work directly with existing IT teams or manage end to end security for smaller shops because no organization is too large to audit their policies and no business is too small to start thinking about security. As threats evolve, so do our solutions such as sandboxing to provide zero-day cover for new threats or data redundancy for seemless failover in the event of a security breach.

Our security services do not stop with firewalls and antivirus programs. Employees present the largest risk factor to locked down infrastructure. From innocently clicking a link in a harmful email to maliciously removing sensitive company data, the implications can be devastating. This is why we offer end to end security solutions to account for vulnerabilities and exposure across all fronts beginning with our free cyber threat assessment – schedule one today!