Corporate Sustainability

We know today that sustainability in its true essence, the ability to maintain a system long term, encompasses every business practice when it comes to the corporate environment.Experience dictates that companies who reduce waste reduce financial loss. Here are 6 easy ways to reduce business operations costs that Hartog Jacobs can help you with:

1) Go paperless by moving on up to Cloud Computing where your bills, data, reports, and other business files will be securely and efficiently housed
2) Stop printing your emails and store them in sharable environments instead with the added benefit of easy access on the go
3) Market your company, increase employee morale, and save in office costs with corporate mug giveaways
4) Source your paper and ink supplies from the most affordable providers
5) Reevaluate how your office environment is arranged to maximize efficiency of space and increase healthy air
6) Save electricity costs with the lowest energy LED or CFL lightbulbs with options for light sensors or timers to ensure you’re not using energy when you don’t need it